Risk Assessment Test

Our Risk Assessment Test will determine whether or not you have a risk of Pre-Diabetes or, potentially in the near future, a risk of having diabetes.

After completing the test below, it is crucial to take the next steps in order to make sure your health is taken care of. We recommend that if your results state that you are at a pre-diabetes state, we encourage to seek education on how to handle the diabetes disease.

Pre-Risk Assessment Test

Have you already been diagnosed for pre-diabetes, diabetes or are you a woman with Gestational Diabetes?

Welcome to your Risk Assessment

How Old are You?

Have You Ever Been Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure?

What Is Your Height - Weight Combination?

Are you a Man or Woman?

Do You Have A Mother, Father, Sister, Or Brother With Diabetes?

Are You Physically Active?

We Care for the Ones with Diabetes

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