Being Active

Being Active has a lot of benefits to your body especially if you have diabetes. Excercise also plays an important role in lowering your blood sugar level. This only works for the short term though so you should be integrating excercise amongst other things to keep your blood sugar levels low.

Being Active

Some of the benefits from staying active are:

  • Having more energy
  • Losing the body fat
  • Controlling your blood sugar level
  • Improving your mental health
  • Increasing blood flow and circulation through your legs and feet

You should be monitoring your blood sugar level before and after you exercise to test out how physical activity affects you. Start with a small amount of exercise each day or week and gradually increase it while checking how it affects your blood sugar level. People with type two diabetes should be exercising at least two and a half hours every week. You can find many ways to be active in your day such as:


  • Hiking
  • Walking (outside or on the treadmill)
  • Swimming
  • Engaging in a team sport

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