Hatt Diabetes Resources

If you've just been diagnosed with diabetes you're probably feeling confused, overwhelmed, and lost. You might be wondering where you should even start when it comes to managing your new lifestyle. The best way to get all the helpful information you need is by enrolling in our classes and talking one on one with a HATT Diabetes educator. The HATT Diabetes Foundation has also provided some helpful information for you below when it comes to navigating your new diagnosis.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating will help you control blood glucose levels, risk of heart disease, and weight.

Being Active

Being active helps the body by regulating blood glucose levels and preventing future health issues.

Dealing With Your Diagnosis

Finding healthy and proactive ways to cope with your diabetes will reduce your stress and overall health.

We Care for the Ones with Diabetes

We are Committed to Educating you about Diabetes from A to Z


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