Ask a HATT Diabetes Educator

David Peterson, APRN, ND, ADA Certified Diabetic Educator

About David Peterson

David Peterson, APRN, ND, is a family nurse practitioner at premier wellness center PharmXhealthOne, with locations in Wellington, Boynton Beach and Port Saint Lucie, Florida. David has over 20 years of experience in diagnosing and prescribing treatment plans for infants, teens, adults, and geriatrics with a wide range of conditions.

Graduating as a registered nurse in 1992 from Florida International University, it only took three years of work inside South Florida’s hospitals to convince David it was time to become a nurse practitioner and take (some) control of prescription healthcare. He got his master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University as a member of the Nursing Honors Society in 1997.

Since 1996, David has specialized in Age Management and Integrative Medicine. Finding his niche with interventional endocrinology, David believes a big key to health is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This is prescription doses of growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone, as well as thyroid, adrenals, and other hormones.

David was trained in longevity therapies by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine; in immunology by Russell Jaffee, PhD; functional medicine by Jeffrey Bland, MD; as well IV nutrition by Drs. Wright and Gaby. With his extensive experience, David understands the scope of treatment involved in building a regiment that incorporates multiple elements of advanced, prevention-based health care. He has also prepared multiple instruction documents addressing specific patient concerns in this area of medical care.

David believes the best strategy to promote personal health is to instill a sense of responsibility for people’s own health. The United States Public Health Service promotes the Healthy People 2010 program with an emphasis on prevention, rather than just treatment, of health problems.

This is “health-care focus”, not “illness-focused care” – the time for health care to move beyond merely saving lives.

Dr. Rolando Alvarez, MD, MS, Age Management Medicine Physician, ADA Certified Diabetic Educator

About Dr. Rolando Alvarez, MD, MS

Dr. Rolando Alvarez, MD, MS, is an experienced Age Management Medicine Physician. Also, Medical Director, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Medicine Physician, and Internal Medicine for premier wellness center PharmXhealthOne, located in Wellington,  Boynton Beach and Port Saint Lucie, Florida. His passion for wellness and fitness has been a lifelong endeavor, with active involvement in various sports, martial arts, and weightlifting. At PharmXhealthOne, he thrives in helping patients regain their youthful vitality and health by addressing the root cause of their ailments, with the guiding belief that “the cause is the cure.”

Dr. Alvarez completed his premedical studies at the University of Miami, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in biology and a minor in chemistry. He continued his post-graduate studies at Barry University, obtaining a Master of Science in biomedical sciences. After earning his medical degree at St. George’s University, he completed a two-year residency in internal medicine at Maricopa Medical Center and the Marshfield Clinic before obtaining his fellowship in nuclear medicine at the prestigious University of Michigan. While working as a nuclear medicine physician at the Veterans Administration (VA) in Gainesville, Florida, he completed his certification in age management medicine at the world-renowned Cenegenics® Medical Institute, where he continued his training as a fellow. He has worked with various age management clinics overseeing patient care and as a medical director.

He is at the forefront of age management medicine with exceptional expertise in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutraceuticals, and nutrition, with easy to follow exercise plans. Dr. Alvarez is certified by the Age Management Medicine Education Foundation and Age Management Medicine Group. He is also board certified by the American Board of Nuclear Medicine. He is an active member of the Age Management Medicine Group, the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, and the Radiological Society of North America.

Sandra Mannon, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, RYT, ADA Certified Diabetic Educator

Sandra Mannon, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, RYT

Sandra Mannon, APRN is a family nurse practitioner. Sandra has almost 30 years of nursing practice with an array of experience. Sandra has experience in the nursing field working with infants through older adults. She has practiced in acute and chronic care and now enjoys her focus on preventative care, identifying and managing health issues using a holistic integrative approach.

Sandra graduated from Nursing School in 1992 and began practicing in a level I trauma center in the Intensive Care Unit. Her focus was critical care medicine for 20 years. She was the diabetic educator in the intensive care unit. She was a preceptor for new nurses and educated the staff teaching Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Trauma Nursing Core Courses. Sandra returned to school to achieve her bachelor’s in science-Nursing from the University of Phoenix and her master’s in science-Nursing from Concordia University, Mequon, WI.  Ten years later she returned to school to complete her doctorate in nursing practice-Leadership graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Sandra believes strongly in education. She is a professor at Nova University teaching in their master’s in science-Nursing Program.

In 2018, Sandra decided to focus on educating her patients to learn about themselves and to get into the right mindset to begin living the life one desires. A life of wellness instead of illness. For those with chronic disease the focus is working together to identify the aliment and learn techniques to regenerate and rejuvenate to a healthy life. Her focus has been on helping others with their weight loss journey as she has been on that journey herself. She has helped many patients achieve and maintain their weight loss goals teaching them the importance of diet and exercise. Sandra is a certified Yoga Instructor and teaches Yoga classes with many of her students being her patients.

“I want to be a part of my patients’ life, build a relationship of trust and understanding so that together we can set goals that will achieve a long-lasting life of great health and happiness.” I lost my father to diabetes at age 56 so I am very passionate about educating individuals on how to prevent diabetes or if you have diabetes how to manage the disease or overcome the disease. Many people believe that once you are diagnosed with diabetes that is a lifetime diagnosis, but it does not need to be. With education an individual can learn how to manage the disease through diet, exercise, behavior modification and medications if needed.

Karll Vath, ADA Certified Diabetic Educator
Jean Legagneur, Sr, ADA Certified Diabetic Educator
Jean Batalien, RN, ADA Certified Diabetic Educator

Carol Ann Fischer, RN, ADA Certified Diabetic Educator

Benjamin Willard, ADA Certified Diabetic Educator

How a Diabetes Educator Can Help You

If you have diabetes, you know how challenging it can be to manage. You’re expected to eat a healthy and balanced diet, get plenty of physical activity, monitor your blood glucose (sugar) throughout the day, take your medications as prescribed, and do all of this to reduce your risk for complications. At times it might seem overwhelming, but you can thrive with diabetes, and a diabetes care and education specialist can help. 

What is a Diabetes Educator?

Words have power. As health care has evolved, the term diabetes educator has not grown with the specialty to reflect all that they do for people with diabetes, prediabetes, and cardiometabolic conditions. While individuals with diabetes manage their care, diabetes educators can empower them to manage their diabetes. They teach, coach, and guide individuals with diabetes so they understand their diabetes and how it affects their personal lives, and work with them to set (and meet) behavior change goals to improve their health.

HATT Diabetes Educator

Our Diabetes Educators are American Diabetes Association certified and are state-licensed healthcare providers.

Through HATT Diabetes Education Class, our diabetes educators will work with individuals with diabetes to develop a management plan that fits their lifestyle, beliefs, and culture. Our educators will help  understand how to use devices like meters, insulin pens, pumps, and continuous glucose monitoring devices; and use the information from these devices and your lifestyle to identify patterns and opportunities for improvement. Our educators will work together with the class participants to find solutions to address their most pressing challenges. 

HATT Diabetic Education Class can help people with all types of diabetes better manage their blood glucose, develop coping skills to address the daily challenges of the disease, reduce the risks for complications, decrease costs by reducing or eliminating the need for medications and emergency room visits, and help find and access cost-savings programs.  

Medicare and most health insurance plans cover diabetes education when it is offered through an accredited diabetes education program such as HATT Diabetes Education Class, which has met rigorous criteria set by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and American Diabetes Association.

Diabetes may not have a cure, but you can manage it and live well. Ask your primary care provider about taking Diabetes Self-Management Training and register for one of our diabetic education classes by clicking on the “Register Now” button below.